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Training Grants

CFL Workers Assistance Committee can help your company access funds that will pay 50% of the cost of training your current employees and/or new employees through federally funded programs. Click here to watch an Employer Testimonial video.


Train new employees so they "hit the ground running" and become vital team members.

  • The On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program will reimburse your company for between 50% to 90% of the wages of an eligible new hire during the new employee's training period.
  • OJT scale of reimbursement rates:
    1-50 employees (90%)
    51-249 employees (75%)
    250 + employees (50%) 
  • The training period may last up to 6 months or 1040 hours.
  • Position eligible for grant must be full time. Funding part-time, temporary and contact positions are not eligible.
  • In addition to (OJT) companies may be eligible for additional tax credits.
  • Select from a pool of skilled, highly motivated candidates who are ready to work.

To learn more about our recruitment services and these training grants, contact our Business Services Team at bstjobs@cflwac.org.

Frequently Asked Questions: On-the-Job-Training

These FAQs answer the questions most often asked by those looking into OJT.

1. What is OJT?

OJT provides reimbursements to employers to help compensate for the costs associated with skills upgrade training and loss of production for newly hired employees. OJT training can assist employers who are looking to expand their businesses and who need additional staff trained with specialized skills. OJT employers may receive up to $10,000 of the wage rate of OJT trainees to help defray personnel training costs. 

2. How does this benefit my company?

• You get a pool of pre-screened applicants for your position—you decide who to hire.
• This is a great opportunity to bring on employees that are eager to learn new skills and up-skill your workforce.
• Reimbursement for the costs associated with training this new employee, up to $10,000 or six months (usually calculated at a percentage of the pay rate depending on company size) for the agreed-upon training period.
• A minimum amount of paperwork.
• CFL-WAC staff to assist you through all phases of the OJT program.

3. Are there any restrictions?
  Examples of OJT restrictions are as follows:
• You cannot use OJT funded trainees to replace employees laid off within six months prior to the date of your application.
• You must agree to hire any OJT trainees as regular, full-time employees. 
• The rate of pay and benefits must be commensurate with what you pay others doing similar work.
  The CFL Workers Assistance Committee staff can assist you in determining your company’s eligibility. 
4. Can companies rehire one of their previously released (laid off) employees?

Yes, a business may re-hire a previous employee but it must be for a different position for which they would need training and the candidate must meet the requirements.

5. Who selects the OJT trainees?

As the OJT employer, your company will determine the selection criteria for OJT trainees (e.g., “greater than 8th grade math ability,” “English-Spanish bilingual ability,” or any other applicable criteria). Then, CFL Workers  Assistance Committee  will identify those of its clients who meet the criteria and will refer those clients to your company. Your company will decide the final selection of OJT trainees.

6. What if an employer has already selected a candidate for OJT training?
If an employer has already selected a candidate AND the candidate is approved by OJT staff as eligible, CFL Workers Assistance Committee staff can set up an OJT with the employer candidate.

7. How do we get the process started?
A standardized OJT contract will be completed with your company. That contract will contain all of the terms of agreement for both CFL Workers Assistance Committee and your company.  With this contract in place, we will start to identify and screen candidates for your company’s position(s).

8. How long will the process take to get the OJT approved?
This process will not take much longer than hiring a non-OJT employee.  In order to ensure that your needs are met, CFL Worker Assistance Committee staff work with you to the process of writing and negotiating the contract and establishing a training plan for the individual. The individual can be hired effective the date of the award letter.

9. Who should I contact at CFL Workers Assistance Committee about OJT funding?

Contact:  Anthony Alexander, Program Specialist, Phone: 708.344.3539, Email: alexandera@cflwac.org