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Among the employers we work with:

Brusic Rose, Inc.
Brusic Rose, Inc. manufacturers custom-designed furniture. Brusic participated in the Employer Training Investment Program, hiring two CFL Workers Assistance Committee customers: one as a part-time accounting clerk and the other as a full-time carpenter.

Chicago Magnesium Castings
Chicago Magnesium Castings manufactures non-ferrous castings for the aerospace industry. Chicago Magnesium hired a full-time supervisor for its second shift through CFL Workers Assistance Committee's On-the-Job Training Program and participates in the Employer Training Investment Program.

Chucking Machine Products
Chucking Machine Products produces world-class precision machined components. Through the Incumbent Worker Training Program, Chucking Machine will train 15 employees in the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council's safety courses and CNC machine operation.

Euro Marble and Granite, Inc.
Euro Marble and Granite, Inc. is a small, family-owned company that fabricates custom-made stone countertops for residential buildings. Euro Marble received a grant through the Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) program, which allowed it to train and certify 10 employees in forklift operation and OSHA stafety standards. Euro Marble works on Phase II of the IWT project and participates in the Employer Training Investment Program.

Manor Tool and Manufacturing
Manor Tool and Manufacturing is a metal stamping company specializing in punching, bending, forming and deep draw stampings. Through the Incumbent Worker Training Program, six engineers completed Auto CAD 2010 training. The company's six department managers are participating in long-term programs to improve performance management training.

Terrace Holdings Company
Terrace Holdings Company manufacturers corrugated and shipping supplies. Terrace hired 13 CFL Workers Assistance Committee customers for entry-level production positions. Through the Incumbent Worker Training Program, employees will learn how to operate new technology designed to produce eco- friendly paper products.

Vegetable Juices, Inc.
Vegetable Juices, Inc. manufacturers and packages fresh and all natural food products. Vegetable Juices recently hired a CFL Workers Assistance Committee customer for its sanitation department. And the company is undergoing lean manufacturing training through an Incumbent Worker Training grant from CFL Workers Assistance Committee.